Sourdough Bread Starter Kit

$ 69.99


Channel your inner homesteader and scratch your itch to learn how to make homemade sourdough! This sourdough starter kit includes a few must-haves for bread making! The kit includes a proofing basket with liner, a set of jumbo flour sack towels, a bread lame (pronounced LAHM) for cutting decorative slits in the top of your round, as well as 2 of Breadtopia's best-selling sourdough starter packets complete with a QR code for their no-fail bread instructions! All products made in the USA!

-8" bread lame tool
-round proofing basket with liner (sustainably sourced)
-4 jumbo flour sack towels for proofing or cleaning up 
-Two sourdough starter packets

Please allow 3 days to process before shipping. Thanks!